Your Local Photographers

Based in the Westfield Shopping Centre in Penrith, we are experts in photographic equipment and technique. Do you need photo lenses, bags, and other gear? Come see us and have a chat.


As well as standard photo printing, Penrith Camera House offers a range of other services:

  • Copying of photographs (old and new) and documents
  • Resizing images to fit in lockets/ornaments
  • Film development and processing
  • Photographic manipulation
  • Photo restoration
  • Photo montages
  • Scanning
  • Archiving
  • Picture Movie DVD’s
  • DVD Transfer (including VHS, super 8 reels, miniDV, Hi8 tapes SD cards and movie camcorders)
  • Image recovery from corrupted cards or deleted pictures
  • Laminating
  • Email
  • Custom framing
  • Camera repairs/servicing